The Origins of Madam Golddigger

Who we are

Juvy’s Gold Jewellery Shop was incorporated in August of 2020 in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We have two trade names; The Golddigger and Madam Golddigger (dba).

We are a small independent family business.

The Madam Golddigger Story

There’s one day that shaped my future, how hard I work, and the very essence of the Madam Golddigger Brand.

I grew up in the Philippines, my family didn’t have a lot of money and the opportunities are not the same as here in Canada. But my parents supported my education and pushed me to make a future. But things are tough when money is hard to get.  There came a time when we could not pay the tuition and that is the day that defined me.

My mom took her Gold and pawned it.  I knew she loved it, valued it and it hurt her to do it.  She made a tough choice and paid the tuition averting a crisis in my life but that was the beginning of what changed me and shaped the Madam Golddigger Brand. 

You see, all that sacrifice was on me now, to bring the return.  Failing was no longer an option, I had to fight. And when I look back, I owe that single event to my journey to Canada and the family I have today.

Shaping the Madam Golddigger Vision

So there is an underlining essence to what we choose to sell.  While it is true there is beauty and regal esteem to pure 18k Gold and Luxury Brands but there is something more. 

Enduring value, so when times are tough, there is security.  Your products do not loose all their value or better yet, GROW!  That is the Madam Golddigger trust you can depend on.