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Welcome to Pre-Orders

Found something you like but it is not in stock? You came to the right place!

What is a Pre-Order?

As our Manufacturers are finishing up new stock, we will get photos and post them.  You can grab items before they go to the market and get them first!  

Also, if you see an item you like but its not in stock, we can search our suppliers for that item then import it for you. 

Custom name pendants are also available!

How to order

  1. Download the picture of the item you want
  2. Answer the questions on this page
  3. Upload the photo
  4. Click Submit
  5. Thats it! Pancit!

What happens after that?

  1. We will get the order and confirm the supply/price and send you an invoice.
  2. When you confirm the order with a 30% downpayment we will import the item.
  3. After it arrives, we will prepare it to ship, request the final full payment and ship the item locally.

Tips:   Make sure your account contact, billing and shipping details are up to date on our website.  Be sure your name on the Pre-Order and email matches your messenger and account on our website so we can find you to process the order.   Just like other on line retailers.  If you account information is up to date than the transaction will be ok.

THANK YOU! So much for your trust and support!

Stay Beautiful my lovely Gold Miners!


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