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Look beautiful outside as you are within.

Hello Gold Miners!

We sell wholesale style 18k, 21k and 24 k Gold Jewellery from designers in Saudi and Japan. 

Our products are all new and the gold is tested to confirm the Karat and Quality!  You can trust Madam Golddigger’s stock.

Please register for your online account before live events to enjoy faster shipping and easier check out.  By ensuring your account is fully updated with your shipping, billing and contact info there is a good chance your item will be shipped the next day!

Welcome to Madam Golddigger’s Website

Thank you my beautiful Gold Miners for your trust and coming together through live selling. I enjoy seeing you all, and look forward to the next event.

When new stock comes in, we will go live!  While waiting, you can shop the Madam Golddigger’s confirmed Karat and Quality Gold Jewellery items and buy right here on this site.

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